Earn up to 30% more as a creative freelancer.

Did you know that as a creative freelancer, you might be eligible for compensation in copyrights? Our invoicing platform, Craft, makes it incredibly easy to cash in on your copyrights.

A compensation through copyrights is taxed differently, which means more net on your bank account. We take care of all the admin and make it easy for everyone involved.


You invoice, we handle the rest.

What type of work is eligible?

Copyright can be applied to a wide range of things. Think about
music, copy course materials, illustrations, photos, videos, slogans,
speeches, websites, user interfaces, films, television programs, etc.

To benefit from the tax advantage, it’s not enough to simply possess these copyrights; you also need to (partially) transfer them to your client.

Not sure if you qualify for copyright compensation? Contact us and we will figure it out together.

How much does it cost, and what do you get in return?

As a self-employed creative freelancer in Belgium, you get taxed. A lot. Unless you work with Creative Shelter. By separating invoices on creative work, 50% copyrights and 50% professional income, you are entitled to a tax advantage. Of course, getting to the point where you notice this in your bank account is tricky (it wouldn’t be Belgium if it wasn’t). This is why we created a solution that protects you and your clients.

On every invoice you create, you pay a fee of 6-9% to Creative Shelter. But even after that fee, thanks to the compensation of your copyrights, you’ll typically cash in an average of 30% more. Net. Money that is rightfully yours. Plus, the more creative freelancers you invite to use the platform, the less you pay. That’s only fair!

It’s a little more complicated for corporations. Get in touch and we will explain the process and the advantages for your specific situation.

Ready to make more money? 

Tax advantage with and without Creative Shelter

What our platform
has to offer*


A handy and swift invoicing tool

Creating your invoices through the Craft platform is a no-brainer. Add your clients, describe your assignments, and send your invoices. It’s getting what you’re entitled to.

Afspraken over auteursrecht

Correct compensation for your copyrights

When you invoice through the Craft platform, our Customer Care experts review each invoice. We know the legislation inside out and are more than happy to ensure that your copyrights are correctly transferred and compensated for.

Opvolging van betalingen

Payment tracking

Our platform automatically keeps track which invoices have been paid and which clients might need a gentle nudge. We’re more than happy to do that nudge on your behalf. This way, you can focus on your creative work.

*Our platform is currently only available in Dutch and French.


Questions? Great, we have the answers.

Auteursrechten factureren via Creative Shelter

Yes, you can. However, copyright legislation is incredibly complex, and you must meet numerous conditions. Small mistakes can have significant consequences. Moreover, you would have to burden your clients with a lot of administrative work, which they often don’t appreciate. As legal experts in copyrights, we’re more than happy to take it out of your hands. You focus on your creative work, while we handle the rules and admin.

Don’t worry – we’ll talk to your accountant. We’re happy to do that, and it’s free of charge. Your accountant can schedule an appointment with us. We’ll explain in detail how we work and the regulations involved. The icing on the cake? If you’d like, we can automatically send your invoices, credit notes, and annual tax statements to your accountant, making their life a lot easier.

Before you join Creative Shelter, we do our homework thoroughly. We determine if you qualify to cash in on your copyrights. If you do, we review every invoice that goes out through our Craft platform. We’re experts in the field, so you can be sure everything is correct. Plus, legal assistance is included in your package by default. So, nothing to worry about.

No. For each assignment, you can choose whether to transfer your rights or grant only usage rights. You can also decide to provide rights for a specific period or a particular purpose. That’s perfectly fine. After all, you’re still the creator.